Ostwal Wondercity, Opp Tata Housing, Boisar (East), India.
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Our Expectation

Our Expectation


  • To become Critical Thinkers, problem Solvers and Effective Learners.
  • To Build Skill to Tackle Complex ideas, Problems and Texts.
  • To Develop the Character and Habits Required for Success in School, Careers and Life.
  • To Experience the Curricular, Through Investigation, Inquiry and Application.


  • To Build the ability and help All its Students, To Achieve More Than They Thought Possible.
  • To Benefit from Professional Development, Collaboration and Coaching.
  • To Develop the Skills to Design Engaging Lesson, Implement A Compelling Curriculum.

At U.S. Ostwal International School We offer your child an opportunity to journey From Nursery to Secondary and Further Higher Studies Through Our Alma master U.S. Ostwal Education Society and Its College Hub in Mangalwad, Rajasthan.